Recording of dental and dentoskeletal anomalies as related to periodontal status in dental students.

L. Tsalikis, S. Kavadia, A. Konstantinidis, G. Kolokithas
Hellenic Orthodontic Review 2001;4:118-143.

AIMS: To record periodontal and orthodontic treatment needs in dental students, to evaluate the severity of these needs and to investigate any existing correlation between malocclusion characteristics and periodontal status.
DESIGN: Cross-sectional clinical study.
MATERIAL AND METHOD: One hundred twenty three dental students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki were examined (63 females 60 males; age range: 20-25 years). Periodontal problems were recorded using the CPITN (Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs). Orthodontic parameters analyzed were IOTN (Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need), Angle classification, crowding, overjet and overbite. Other dental variables concerning frequency of tooth-brushing, number of filled teeth and frequency of visits to the dentist were also taken into consideration.
STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: Descriptive statistics was used. Investigation of the independence of CPITN from other variables using consistency tables and the X2 test was made.
RESULTS: The group of dental students examined exhibit low CPITN values. No statistically significant correlation was found between CPITN and dental / dentoskeletal anomalies.
CONCLUSIONS: According to the results of the present study, orthodontic care needs do not affect periodontal tissue health.

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