Clinical applications of the Distal Jet in Class II malocclusion non-extraction treatment.

A. Carano, M. Testa
Hellenic Orthodontic Review 2001;4:47-71.

The use of so-called “distalization” mechanics to correct Class II malocclusion is a common treatment modality. This type of mechanotherapy typically is used in patients with maxillary skeletal and/or dentoalveolar protrusion. Most traditional approaches to molar distalization require considerable patient compliance in order to be successful. More recently, the subjectivity and problems of predicting patient behavior have led many clinicians to devise appliances that minimized reliance on the patient and which are under the control of the clinician. A distant relative of the pendulum appliance is the Distal Jet, as another method of distalizing molars without active patient compliance. This appliance has many features in common with the pendulum appliance, but it has two distinct advantages. First, the upper molars are distalized without the lingual movement that occurs with the pendulum appliance. Second, the Distal Jet can be converted to a Nance holding arch easily after molar distalization is completed. Complete sequences of Class II correction by means of Distal Jet and full edgewise appliances in growing as well as in adult patients are described.

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