Dr. Petros Kokkinos

Orthognathic orthodontics versus Orthognathic surgery

This lecture will present a different treatment approach for the skeletal discrepancies on non-growing patients. It shows the great potential of orthodontics in the treatment of these cases without surgery and extractions. It is based on three basic principles:

  1. The control of the vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO) and the inclination of the posterior occlusal plane.
  2. The provision of Class I sequential occlusion with canine dominance, good posterior occlusal support, proper inter coronal space, proper anterior guidance.
  3. Uprighting of the posterior teeth.

The implementation of the above principles promotes the adaptation of the Craniomandibular system to the direction of the correction of all skeletal discrepancies. This approach is called “Craniomandibular Orthodontics and occlusion medicine”. Clinical cases of skeletal  Class II, Class III (low/high angle), VMI (vertical maxillary insufficiency) and asymmetries will be presented.

Short Curriculum Vitae

He is a graduate of the dental school of Athens Greece.

He specialized in orthodontics at the Louisiana State University in New Orleans , USA.

He specialized in “Craniomandibular Orthodontics and occlusion medicine” in San Francisco USA with Professor Sadao Sato.

He specialized in “Controlled mandibular repositioning” at Vienna School of Dentistry in Austria with Professor Alain Landry.

He is a visiting lecturer at the postgraduate program in orthodontics at the Dental school of Louisiana state university in Orleans ,USA.

His field of expertise is:

-The treatment of all orthodontic malocclusions without extractions and without Orthognathic surgery.

-The treatment of TMD’s (Neuromuscular problems, reducible luxations, non-reducible luxations, and degenerative joint disease).

He has given lectures on these topics locally and internationally (Europe, USA, South America, Middle East).