Dr. Mazor Yoav

Multi segmental approach for controlled Class II & Class III correction

Preview: The latest concepts of Class II/III malocclusions are the keystone for the new generation of Class II/III corrective appliances. The functional appliances aimed to influence growth are described more as myofunctional appliances as well combined with the Dento-Neuro-Muscular system definition. In many cases, those appliances are first incorporated for the correction of Class II/III malocclusions followed by bonded appliances or aligners. The multi-segmental approach for Class II/III correction is a unique approach of the combination the new generation of Class II/III appliances, such as the Multi-FA combined with segmental brackets bonding, allows some additional steps of the orthodontic treatment to optimize the efficiency and beneficiate faster and better controlled outcome

Lecture topics: Multi-FA appliance and it’s functions, multi-segmental approach, the benefits of self-ligating brackets in the multi-segmental approach

Heads-up: the new generation of bonded retainers – Resin based, individualized 3D designed, 3D printed

Short Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Mazor Yoav has graduated his dental studies at the Tel Aviv university. Until 2003 he made part of the Tel Aviv university academic staff of the Prosthodontic department & working as senior prosthodontist at the largest state policlinic, and it’s private practice, mastering prosthetics, esthetics, surgery and Implantology. As a hobby, Dr. Mazor has completed a 3-year program for the degree of architecture and internal design (1996-1999). At 2006 he has completed his studies as Specialist in Orthodontics and Dento-facial Orthopedics and Master with excellence. In his academic activity, Dr. Mazor is a lecturer and clinical instructor at the international Orthodontic specialization program, the department, Jerusalem university.

At 2010, Dr Mazor has established the post graduate Orthodontic training program – a 2 year comprehensive program – Plovdiv Bulgaria – Research and development, focusing on the development of advanced 3D technologies (MY- IndiCad) and advanced technologies in the Orthodontic field (MY IPR, MY retainer, MY MULTI F.A) and serving as professional advisor to manufacturers of Orthodontic products.

At mid 2019 he was elected as the head of the Orthodontic division of the biggest national health institute of 100 dental clinics (Clalit Smile), serving as the coordinators and professional management. 

Dr. Mazor makes part of the unique staff at the “Shiba” hospital – management of special need cases: mentally & disabled, Ortho-surgery, Cranio-facial disorders & syndromes. Dr Mazor is an international speaker and lecturer in Orthodontics, and GC local and international speaker. Dr Mazor runs 2 private multi-disciplinary clinics.