Dr. Sergio Sambataro

The correction of Class II malocclusion in the growing patient: the bioprogressive approach

In the first part of the lecture, the speaker will give a brief biological premise and explains the etiological and diagnostic criteria that support the clinician during the treatment plan for the correction of class II in growing patients. Then the different devices will be analyzed and presented with a rich iconographic, relevant references and detailed scientific documentation.

The aim of the lecture is to provide to participants notions of orthodontic diagnosis and therapy and clinical suggestions that can be put into practice during the profession.

The correction of Class II malocclusion in the permanent dentition: the bioprogressive approach

The speaker will show a cogent approach for the correction of Class II malocclusion in permanent dentition, based on a logical sequence of objectives deemed possible. The lecture will be supported by adequate references and rich scientific documentation.

The appliances used will presented with great details showing numerous clinical cases. The aim of the lecture is to provide to participants notions of orthodontic therapy that can help the clinician during the orthodontic treatment.

Short Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Sergio Sambataro is Adjunct Professor at the University of Messina. He received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Catania, and graduated from Catania University with an advanced specialty certificate and master degree in Orthodontics; he also holds a PhD in Interceptive Orthodontics. While at Catania University, as a researcher, Dr Sambataro trained under Dr Ricketts and received extensive experience in orthodontics and gnatology.

Dr Sambataro actively collaborated with Professor Robert Murray Ricketts at the American Institute for Bioprogressive Education in the development of new brackets and orthodontic wires, while studying facial growth and anthropology in depth. He translated scientific texts from English and he was lecturer and speaker at different Courses, Meetings and Webinars in Brazil (Sao Paulo), France (Paris), Italy (Bari, Catania, Firenze, Messina, Reggio Calabria, Rimini, Roma, Verona), Slovenia (Portoroz), Spain (Santiago de Compostela), UK (Glasgow), Lviv (Ukraine), Bagdad (Iraq) and Warsaw (Poland).

Dr Sambataro’s academic experience includes lecturing as Adjunct Professor at the University of Insubria, and as guest professor in numerous other Universities including University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), University of Messina (Italy), Al-Azhar University (Egypt), Sankalchand Patel University (India) and Hitkarini Dental College, Jabalpur (India). His orthodontic specialty practice is in Catania, Italy, as Director of “Centro di Ortodonzia e Gnatologia”.