Dr. Gina Theodoridis

What are the boundaries of clear aligners?

What does the future hold?

2023 marks the year that clear aligner technique in comprehensive treatment will enter it’s 24th anniversary in the orthodontic practice. During this time there has been tremendous advancement in the evolution of materials as well as software protocols that help us treat most types of orthodontic malocclusion. Can we say at this moment that all orthodontic cases can be treated with clear aligners with success? Does or will artificial intelligence reach a point where the orthodontist’s input will be further reduced in treatment planning? Is this a sustainable type of treatment?

In her presentation the speaker will discuss the boundaries of tooth movement with aligners and what are the ways to overcome them. She will demonstrate the role of artificial intelligence in the treatment planning procedure and the advancements there off. The role of the orthodontist as the primary leader of treatment execution and the means of maintaining a sustainable practice will be discussed.

The future of orthodontics is inevitably bright with the employment of new materials and techniques, a vision that undoubtely has to be guided by the pursuit of beauty, ethics and virtue.

Short Curriculum Vitae

  • Dr. Gina Theodoridis obtained her orthodontic specialty at New York University, in the USA.
  • She fulfilled a Teaching Fellowship in Orthodontics in New York University where she served as faculty.
  • In 2000 she was awarded the Theodore L. Jerrold Memorial Award for Clinical Proficiency
  • She is one of the first Invisalign providers globally and lectures internationally about the technique. She also lectures extensively about the combination of clear aligners and orthodontic mini implants.
  • Dr. Theodoridis has published several articles in international orthodontic journals and received the Dental Tribune Smile of the Year Award in 2021.
  • She is a member of the board of directors of the European Aligner Society.
  • She maintains a private practice in Athens, Greece.