Dr. Abraham Kyriakides

Smile from patient’s perspective what we see is not always what the patient wants.

Several cases will be presented in this presentation where orthodontics is not the only issue that the patient ask for. With the rapidly growing number of adults seeking our help and our colleagues asking for our expertise the orthodontics should be prepared to play there invaluable role. From minor touch to major movements our knowledge and skills are unreplaceable and most of the time the most conservative ones.   Helping general dentist, prosthodontist or periodontist or any other discipline to give to our patient the best possible fundamentals to achieve excellent results is the ultimate goal. Multidisciplinary approach is not necessary the best approach. The INTERDISCIPLINARY is what we all need for both diagnosis and treatment. We are all playing in an orchestra; the roles should be clear but with respect to each other and to the patient’s main concern.

Our armamentarium is full of new weapons that even the patients are well aware of Tads, Aligners, non-invasive or minor intervention techniques that are advertised in the new digital world.  We are the experts to see the mouth and the patient as a whole entity and to give them our honest and more suitable solution to their smile.

Short Curriculum Vitae

Dr Abraham Kyriakides graduated in 1990 from the Dental School of Athens, Greece with a scholarship from the Stated Scholarship Foundation of Greece. He specialized in Orthodontics from Tel Aviv University, Israel in 1993-1996 with scholarship from the same foundation.

He has a private practice limited in Orthodontics since 1997. From 2005-2009 he was president of Cyprus Orthodontic Society.  From 2017-2019 was Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Cyprus Dental Association CDA and also in the board of Trustees of CDA.  He was the president of the 5th Mediterranean Orthodontic Congress that took place in Limassol in Nov 2016. He is President elected of Cyprus Orthodontic Society for 2023-24.

He has given lectures in Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, France, Hungary and Egypt on topics like Lingual, Tads, Multidisciplinary approach, OSA and Orthodontics, Timing in Orthodontics.

From 2018 he is a guest lecturer to the Dept. of Orthodontics in Tel Aviv University. He is a member of several scientific societies, among them the COS,EOS,WFO.

He is married with Dr Sonia Eracleous and a father of four children.