The Greek Orthodontic Society, in the spirit of promoting and supporting research, will hold a contest for the best e-poster, which will take place during the 17th International Symposium.

Terms and conditions of participation:

1. The Main Researcher must NOT be over 45 years old and must NOT hold an academic position higher than that of Assistant Professor.

2. The participating e-poster may present any clinical or scientific topic related to  Orthodontics. Posters with content that has been published or accepted for publication in scientific journals, will NOT be eligible for the contest.

3. The e-poster should be written on English.

4. Each Main Researcher may participate in the contest with only one e-poster. The research group that will submit the e-poster may include more than one members, but the Main Researcher should be declared a priori.

5. The registration of the Main Researcher on the International Symposium is a pre-requisite for participation in the contest.

6. Each Main Researcher should submit to the email address of the Greek Orthodontic Society info@grortho.gr the following (a) a short CV (no more than 350 words), (b) an application for participation in the contest, (c) an abstract of the e-poster (d) a copy of proof of payment for the registration to the Symposium and (e) the e-poster. The application (b) and abstract (c) forms can be downloaded from the site of the Symposium.

7. The prize for the best e-poster will include a symbolic amount of 300 euros.

8. The selection of the best e-poster will be the task of a Scientific Committee selected by the Board of Trustees of the Greek Orthodontic Society. The prize awarding will take place during the Symposium.

9. In case the Scientific Committee considers two e-posters as equally worthy of the prize, the latter will be equally shared between the respective two Main Researchers.

10. The decision of the Scientific Committee is final.

11. Deadline for submission of applications, accompanying documents and eposter: April 20, 2022

12. Your e-poster should be constructed to a maximum size of 90 cm (width) x 120 cm (height).  To enable delegates to easily read the information, the font should be a minimum of 1 cm high.  Your poster should be on display throughout the congress.

Download the application to the contest