Giampietro Farronato

Orthodontics 4.0: from analog to digital workflow

Nowadays modern technologies have increased the potentialities of the contemporary orthodontist. The use of tridimensional imaging empowers the diagnosis in reference to the three dimensional alterations of growth patterns. In such way the new data and methodologies regarding three dimensional cephalometry will be presented. Dynamic vision of the anatomical structures also offer new possibilities to the orthodontist. Also a vision on future possibilities will be exposed with the use of augmented reality.

The facial and dental interface: Management of complex cases

The Complex cases usually present morphological alterations on more than one of the three different planes of the space. Three dimensional diagnosis is a crucial point in those kind of clinical situations. Patients presenting those kind of altered growth patterns will be presented with multidisciplinary treatment in different clinical situations. Such situations could be made even more difficult by the concomitant presence of syndromes and advanced stage of evolution of the patients. Different methodics and solutions will be presented.