15o Διεθνές Συμπόσιο της Ορθοδοντικής Εταιρείας της Ελλάδος

20-21 & 22 Απριλίου 2018
Turi Bassarelli

Turi Bassarelli


Periodontal approaches in adult patients planned for orthodontics


In the last ten years, there has been an increasing request of orthodontic treatment from adult subjects that want to improve their smile. It is of extremely importance the understanding of an appropriate terminology that allows the different involved specialists to be able to cooperate in an interdisciplinary contest in order to perform a correct diagnosis and treatment plan. This is even more important for periodontists and orthodontists. Adult Patients who need an orthodontic treatment may sometimes present decreased periodontal health conditions that require the intervention of a periodontist. From a clinical point of view, different specific surgical and orthodontic techniques may be required to solve the occurring defect or to reduce the risk that it may worsen with time. Patients that are suffering from a periodontal disease can be treated orthodontically simoultaneously or just after the active periodontal therapy in order to achieve a better result both aesthetical and functional (capable of maintain a better oral igiene).

Curriculum vitae

Graduated at University of Aarhus (DK) and Master of Science in Orthodontics (2000). He has maintained a private practice in Prato (Italy) since 2001. Clinical Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Orthodontics at University of Aarhus (2000-2002). Visiting Professor at the Dept. of Orthodontics of University of Siena (2009-2012) and currently at the Dept. of Orthodontics of University of Aarhus and at the Dept. of Periodontology of UCL. Honorary Lecturer at the Dept. of Orthodontics of HK (China) from 2012 to 2013. Since 2017 Clinical Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Orthodontics of USB (Basel), Switzerland. Active Member of the Angle Society East Component, SIDO, WFO and SIBOS, which he has been president from 2010 to 2012. Author of publications and speaker at national and international conferences.